4 Unique Universal Lens Cap Design That Not Easy To Be Lost

I know lose a lens cap is really frustrated, it can be lose in somewhere and you remember that when you use your lens, the camera lens cap always in your pocket or in your camera bag. Today I want to show you 4 unique universal lens cap design that not easy to be lost. Same happen to me when I lose my camera lens cap in horse festival, I lose 2 lens cap at that time. So I’m afraid if not covered with the lens cap, I will scratch my camera accidentally when in use,  store in my camera bag and the dust will remain in the lens, and many other potential hazards. I don’t want to risk unnecessary damage to my valuable equipment, anything can be happen, but I prevent that will not happen.

Before you buy a lens cap, make sure you know the lens diameter you have. You not always buy original lens cap maybe a slightly expensive rather than buy with other brand, the point is your camera is always covered with lens cap, without worry you accidentally scratch the lens or getting hit by something. If you scratch the lens, it’s not that easy to repair the scratch, and it will never be same again.

Why you buy the expensive one if you can find the alternative one with the cheap price and the lens cap design is different from the other. Today, I will show you a couple of creative lens cap you can buy for your lens, and this lens cap is will help you to not lose the lens cap in somewhere. You can place the lens cap on the camera body, on the lens with the string, even on the camera strap, the main thing is the lens cap is not easy to lose in somewhere.

Unique Universal Lens Cap Design That Not Easy To Be Lost

Always keep your lens cap in one place that easy to find.

Here I present to you 5 creative and unique universal lens cap design that not easy to be lost, you can take a look for inspiration, if you interested to buy it, I provide the link below.

1. Camkix Universal Lens Cap Keepers with Leash

Creative and Unique Universal Lens Cap Design That Not Easy To Lost

This is the first creative and unique lens cap and universal lens cap you can buy, offer you a lens cap with the leash that can be attached to your lens body and prevent cap is losses. This is universal lens cap can be use for many camera including Canon, Nikon and Sony, the bonus is you will get free Microfiber Cleaning Cloth. Just choose the diameter for your lens, and you good to go.

It’s very easy to use, first you must tacking off the paper and stick it to the lens cap. The second is put the elastic strap around the lens body, so you not worry anymore. You can stick to any lens cap from many brand.

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2. Bower Pro Lens Cap Keeper for DSLR Cameras

If you already own a lens cap and you don’t want to lose it, this lens cap keeper will keep your lens cap is safe and not lose in somewhere. Bower Pro Lens Cap Keeper for DSLR Cameras is a universal lens cap keeper, you can attached this to your lens with any lens diameter. How to use it it’s very simple, attach this to one of your main lens that always you use in anywhere, and you can put the elastic strap to your body lens. You can stick to any lens cap from any brand.

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3. Unique Design Universal Lens Cap Keeper Leash for Canon Nikon Sony

If you don’t like the lens cap keeper stick on the front lens cap, this lens cap is what you need. It’s not stick on the center of the lens cap, it will stick on the side of the lens cap. Sometime if stick on the front lens cap will interfere you to pinch out from the lens, so this lens cap will not interfere anything. This lens cap available for all lens diameter, from 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 67mm, and 72 mm.

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4. Eggsnow Universal Lens Cap Holder Attach to Camera Strap

If the lens cap with the string version is not good enough for you, this lens cap holder will not attach to your lens body with the string, but it will attach to your camera strap. Yes, you can pinch out the lens cap from the lens and attach to your camera neck strap, that’s so easy. This is make you always remember that your lens cap always on the camera strap, so you don’t need to find it anywhere, your lens cap always in one place, of course in your camera strap. Not only on the camera strap, you can attach the lens cap holder in your bag strap or keychain. This lens cap holder is durable and lightweight, let the cap is always hanging in your strap, so you don’t need to attach anymore when use it. In other case, maybe you can lose the lens cap holder too, so let the lens cap holder hanging in your strap.

This lens cap available for any lens diameter, from 52mm, 58mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm. Be sure to check your lens diameter before decide to buy.

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Finally, always take care of your camera equipment even with small size like the lens cap, keep in safe place and you always remember where you keep your lens cap when not in use. I hope with unique universal lens cap design that not easy to be lost above is make you more care with your equipment.