6 Helpful Guide Before Buying a Brand New Camera and Lens in Online Store

In this post I want to share with you 6 helpful guide before buying a brand new camera and lens in online store if you have a plan to buy. In this modern century you can shopping by online without walk out from your home, just open your smartphone or computer, you can directly shopping without tired and worry, and save your precious time. Me also make an order for camera equipment by online if I can’t find one in near my place. The price is cheap rather than I buy in in offline store, I can select and compare before I buy, which one is the best, which one is with low price and which offer a bonus.

For the first time for you want to shopping in online store will have question like this one, “Is it safe shopping in online store?” Yes it’s safe when your shopping in trusted online store if very clever which one is the trusted store and trusted seller.

What’s the different from both? For the example, Amazon have large store with unlimited space if you want to sell your stuff, the seller can selling their stuff in one of space, so in this case Amazon is the owner of the store, so the seller is only rent the place.

[STEP 1]

Make sure visit trusted online store such as Amazon, AliExpress or Ebay. Not only that, make sure the seller also trusted too, check the rating and review from another buyer who already make transaction from the seller. This is the best way if you want to feel safe to buy something and also believe your item will be deliver as soon as possible.

[STEP 2]

If you already find the trusted seller in trusted online store, find the camera or lens you want to buy. If you find one, check the review from other people that already buy the item. This is can be your decision if the item is worth it to buy or find another seller who sell for the same item with cheap price.

6 helpful guide before buying a brand new camera and lens in online store

Find your item want to buy and check the ratings from customer review

6 helpful guide before buying a brand new camera and lens in online store

This is what you looking for help you to decide based on customer reviews.

[STEP 3]

Don’t hurry to buy if you only find one item. I mean just make a short term list while you can find the same item with cheap price. Try to compare which item is cheap but with the same quality and same specification.

[STEP 4] 

Check the bonus you have when buying a brand new camera and lens. Many seller offer a much bonus to whoever buy an item in their store. If you want to buy a camera, make sure you find in the description mention about the bonus you will get. If you cannot find, ask the seller if you buy an item from them you can get the bonus. The bonus may vary, sometimes it can be full kit of camera and lens cleaner, free bags, free tripod, free memory card or free screen guard.

I also do this, if the store offer me the bonus of course I will buy it. Even they not mention it, I ask them what I get if I buy something from them.

[STEP 5]

Check also the warranty. This is the most important thing before you buy it, ask the seller if the warranty can be also claimed in authorized distributor in your city. So, you don’t have to return the item to the seller, and save some money from shipping cost and time.

[STEP 6]

The final step from this guide is choose the shipping method. You can choose fast shipping but with expensive price for that and also depending how much weight is your item. It may vary delivered to your home, maybe 3 – 5 days if you in priority country, sometimes can take a longer time. I make an order for camera equipment 4 times in one of online store, my package arrived more than 1 months, because I choose the free shipping method and for fast shipping method is too expensive, it’s about $30 – $50 and my package is not more than 1 kg.

I hope all tips above for 6 helpful guide before buying a brand new camera and lens in online store is make you realize that don’t be afraid if you want to buy in online store unless you know the place to buy, find the trusted seller and the last things is you can find the cheap price.