7 Different Range of Shutter Speed You Can Use Based on Situation

In this post I will show you 7 different range of shutter speed you can use based on situation you facing. If you continue to learn and learn every photography step, you will learn much for making mistake, and you will know how to get better picture, and significantly become a pro by time to time. Every people is amateur, every people learn from the basic before become a pro. Even me and you is hard to become pro photographer, I say pro is not everything. Every photographer have different taste of photography, like I am, I don’t like black and white photo, but I like more vibrant photo.

Today, I want to share 7 different range of shutter speed you can use based on situation number from your camera. You can’t get sharp picture if you shoot football or car racing with slow shutter speed. But you can get sharp picture if you use high shutter speed. This 19 different situation you can do based on each shutter will show us which shutter speed we should use for taking picture based on every situation near you.

Before you go to taking photo, every situation is a bit different, you can use Manual Mode if you not photo for fast object, you can use Aperture mode or Shutter mode for many situation.

1. 1/5000 – 1/16000 Shutter Speed

This is fast shutter speed range, you can use this range settings for taking photo of very very fast object, such as car racing, flying bird on the sky, horse race, bicycling, marathon, and more. You will get very sharp picture without getting blurry, make sure you use Shutter mode, auto ISO for this, use wide aperture between f/11 – f/16, because light keep changing around you, so you never notice if the sky turn dim suddenly.

7 different range of shutter speed you can use based on situation

2. 1/125 – 1/250

This is the highest speed that external flash can achieve for modern flash. You can set this as high speed sync on your flash, so the camera also use same shutter speed number. What you can do? You can use flash to shoot water and freeze the water move, you can use flash to freeze the object and get the sharp photo (not far object).

3. 1/15 – 1/60

In this range, you can’t get sharp picture for fast object, you will get blurry image. But you can still make a panning photo. Panning photo allows us to get sharp image but the background is blur, when you photo a car running on the street, set the focus settings to AV Servo for Canon or Servo AF in Nikon, move your camera follow the cars, and when you get the best time, press the shutter button fast!

In this range you can still get sharp image by handheld, but I recommend to you use TRIPOD if you having trouble with your hand keep shaking and cannot get sharp image.

7 different range of shutter speed you can use based on situation

4. 1″ – 1/8

In this shutter speed range, you can’t use handheld to get sharp image, unless your camera have great Image Stabilization on camera body or lens body. If you have both, you can get sharp image, but make sure your hand not to shaky, or it will get blurry, but not so intense.

I recommend you to use solid tripod. What you can do with this shutter speed range? You can shoot a bit silky waterfall, fountain, and make people walking or other object is little bit blur.

5. 2″ – 8″

In this shutter speed range, it’s impossible to get sharp image by handheld, use Tripod! With this range you can shoot very smooth silky waterfall, carousel, , making light trail from car on the street or from a fireworks. This is the ideal shutter speed for shooting fireworks in New Years event.

7 different range of shutter speed you can use based on situation

6. 15″ – 30″

In this shutter speed range is very very slow shutter speed, every modern camera 30″(second) shutter speed is the maximum number. So, if this number is not enough for you, you can use Bulb mode.

What you can do with this range?

You can record more fireworks become one picture, let the camera record every fireworks, for the best result please keep away from the smoke, many smoke is not good. The only way to keep away from the smoke is choose farthest spot.

7 different range of shutter speed you can use based on situation

7. Bulb Mode

If 30 second is not enough, use Bulb mode. Bulb mode allows us to use unlimited time to make shutter window always open, it can be 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hours, even until 8 hours if your camera is have strong long last battery power.

What you can do with this range?

You can making beautiful star trails, make sure you choose the place far away from the city to avoid light pollution. Choose a place in the mountain or hill with spacious area. So you can freely set your tripod and choose the best spot based on your view.

7 different range of shutter speed you can use based on situation

Also you can shoot very silky waterfall you never had before, silky sea water. If you want to remove the crowd in the middle of the night or remove the crowd from passing your object in daytime, use this range.

Photo by: Pixabay.com