7 Great Tips How To Take Better Smartphone Photos Anyone Can Follow

If you only have smartphone but you want to take a good photos, why not try to maximizing your photo skills by learn the tips how to take better smartphone photos. In this post I will talking about 7 great tips how to take better smartphone photos anyone can follow and tripod recommendation for your smartphone.

No matter what is your camera is, when you miss the moment, you cannot recreate the moment anymore. No matter what is your camera is, bring always your camera and begin take a photo wherever you are when the moment is came, but make sure your object is interesting and in good light and good place, and you good to go.

Not all people have great sense can read well when the great moment is come, and never miss the shoot. This is a habit, if you do in many times, you will be used to it. Now, I will talking about 7 great tips how to take better smartphone photos anyone can follow, why smartphone camera? Because everybody in this world have one or two smartphone, and everbody can be a good photographer even with a smartphone.

I remember when a photographer like a Lara Jade with her professional camera still have a great photo when using a cheap toy camera challenge, you can watch here in Digital Rev YouTube Channel. If Lara Jade can do that only with toy camera, you can do way better using smartphone camera.

Great Tips How To Take Better Smartphone Photos Anyone Can Follow

One of Lara Jade outstanding photo only with toy camera.

1. Try Now!

If you still thinking the smartphone will not produce a good photo quality, don’t start your journey. I mean all camera is good and can take any photo you want. The problem is you not to give it a try, and keep trying you can get better photos, and learn some tips will help you.

2. Choose The Best Moment

You can take a photo with your smartphone in any moment in any situation. But not all moment is good for saved to your smartphone or share to other people. Make sure you easily and freely to take the photo.

Great Tips How To Take Better Smartphone Photos Anyone Can Follow

3. The Lights

Using smartphone flash? A flash from smartphone is bad, really bad, the flash will fill the object too much, I will talk later about using smartphone flash. Choose the place with the better light or move your object to the place with better light. Many smartphone camera produce a yellow skin in your face if you behind the light (backlight) and the white balance is cannot calculated the light so well.

3. Set the White Balance to Manual

Auto is not always your best friend, auto will ruined photo result if auto is cannot achieve the exact setting that what we want. If your smartphone able to set the White Balance to Manual, that’s good. You can manually set the white balance in your phone, try to choose the number until you get better result, all of this is depending the light in your location.

4. Use Smartphone Flash, but…

As I say before that flash from smartphone is really bad if you think to fill the light and it will get the better result. You can use flash from smartphone if the flash is able to change how much flash is will fill the object. The solution is you can use a small diffuser in front of it, it will produce smooth light on your object. This is the best solution if you cannot find any light source near you.

5. Use Window as Your Free Light Source

You can get better light from a light coming to the window, but a light coming to the window is very harsh and you will see ghosting effect on your screen if your smartphone camera towards to the window. That’s because a light coming to the window is not protected by curtain.

So you need a curtain to control the light from the window. It’s like when you use a high number in your flashgun, you will get over exposure in your photo, you can get diffuser to control the light and outburst smooth when the flash drop it to object, the case is same like the window need a curtain.

Great Tips How To Take Better Smartphone Photos Anyone Can Follow

If you taking photo potrait, window is your best buddy, a light coming to the window can fill all empty light on your face, and it will produce natural light from the window. If the light is too much and curtain protection as diffuser cannot help, you can control the exposure directly from your camera screen. Try to reduce about 1 stop or 2 stop and see how it looks.

Just remember that!

6. Choose a Good Place

All of this it’s not always quality of the light, also think to choose a good place to make your photo is tell the story itself to the audience who see your photos. You can take a photo in a park, in a forest, in a library with the book as the background and create the beautiful bokeh, just try it until you achieve two or more photos you can choose.

Great Tips How To Take Better Smartphone Photos Anyone Can Follow

7. Can’t Handheld? Use tripod.

If your hand is not steady enough and your photo is blurry, use tripod. You can choose a compact tripod for your smartphone. I have recommend tripod for you, not heavy, small and compact, see below.

Tripod Recommendation For Your Smartphone

I have couple of tripod you can buy for your smartphone or camera you have. One of the tripod I use right now and I’m so happy with the tripod, when I go outside I always bring my small tripod.

1. Cambofoto Aluminum Alloy Ultra Mini Photography Desktop Tripod For Travel

I love this tripod, it’s small, compact, suitable for any camera, any smartphone. Maximum height you will get is 48 cm, that’s tall enough to get great photo. You can use this tripod forany kind of photography, such as macro, landscape, food and drink photography, and many more, and don’t limit your creativity.

Main feature:

  • Complete table top tripod for digital cameras, DSLR cameras, camcorders, spotting scopes, and tripod mounts for smartphones and tablets;
  • With spirit level, three adjustment knobs design damping effect ball head, realizing any angle shooting, precise and efficient
  • Compact size – only 7.2 inches (18.5cm) when folded!
  • Quick release plate with secure clip and rubber mat, double securing your camera from accident dropping.
  • Universal ball head handle with secured clip, double securing your camera from accident dropping.

Buy here from Amazon: Cambofoto Mini Tripod

Buy here from AliExpress: Cambofoto Mini Tripod

2. Slik Mini-Pro V Tripod with 2-Way Pan/Tilt Head

I use this tripod for a long time, still use it and always keep in my bag wherever I go. This is the true small tripod, when my big tripod can’t shoot in small area, this tripod does. And the most interesting feature from this tripod is you can use it as selfie tripod! How’s cool that!

You can place it on glass, because beneath this tripod available suction cup, but be aware this works for a small camera, such as pocket camera and of course your smartphone.

Main Feature:

  • Maximum Height: 8.6″ (21,8 cm)
  • Minimum Height: 6.8″ (17.2 cm)
  • Load Capacity: 3.3 lb (1,4 kg)
  • Has suction cup at bottom of center column for extra stability
  • Compact and light-weight, while still sturdy

Buy here from Amazon: Slik Mini-Pro V Tripod

3. KCOOL Octopus Style Portable and Adjustable Tripod

If you need flexible tripod, this is you can get for you. This tripod not only stand on the ground, but you can put this on a pole, even bicyle by bending the tripod legs. The legs are pretty strong, when you wrap them around stuff they don’t come undone. You can use this for smartphone, dslr camera, pocket camera, with maximum load 1 kg.

This mini tripod also included bluetooth remote shutter as remote shutter, no need press the shutter button manually when you have the remote shutter.

Main feature:

  1. Perfect for Travel: compact and lightweight, this tripod is perfect to throw in your bag, backpack or pocket.
  2. Great for Recording Pictures & Video, the tripod allows you to take pictures/movies or watch movies on your phone, you can set it on the table or you can put it in unconventional positions to suit almost any location.
  3. With Bluetooth Wireless Remote ideal for taking selfies, group photos & wide angle views & has a wireless range of up to 30 ft (10 meter)
  4. Flexibility: over two dozen leg joints with rubberized ring and foot grips allow you to bend and rotate 360° for enhanced stability in difficult terrain

Buy here from Amazon: KCOOL Octopus Style Portable and Adjustable Tripod

Every smartphone vendor is very work hard to create a better smartphone camera for us. Go try to maximize your camera right now, and now you know great tips how to take better smartphone photos anyone can follow, grow your Instagram followers, grow your portfolio, sell your first image.