How To Be A True Trip Report and Airlines Review on YouTube

In this post I will tell you how to be a true trip report and airlines review on YouTube. I really love visiting place mostly for holiday with airplane than using a bus or train. Because not only fast and comfy, there’s so much I can do in Airplane, making a short video documentation about the service, watching the sky, enjoy the flight entertainment and so on. If we keep regularly flying with airplane, why not making a self documentation, start from where you belong right now, until you already inside the airplane?

Many people on YouTube do a review about the airline service, such as reviewing the airport, looking the awesome plane, do a review about the passenger service, food and drink, the quality of economy class, business class even the first class.

I also have a channel on YouTube, named Broewnis Travelista, start from the bottom to serving good quality of trip report, airlines review. If i’m not going on a trip, I always do plane spotting when every Sunday, just to make sure my subscriber keep update with my content.

I know many people who do this a lot in their time such as Sam Chui and Simply Aviation. I regularly watching their videos and enjoy until the last second. And the first people I know and so entertaining also do reviewing airlines in the first class airlines is Casey Neistat! Remember $21.000 ticket for first class seat in Emirates Airlines?

The question is, why you not start to making like them? Of course with your own style, mostly they not speaking when start record the videos, just let people around them and noisy airplane speak to the audience. So the audience can feel they also in that situation. Yep, sometimes people doesn’t like you to talk when you record, and sometimes people need to you talking to them what are you doing now.

How To Be A True Trip Report and Airlines Review on YouTube

Interior review Thai Airways A350 Business Class by Sam Chui

I know the airplane ticket is not cheap, but you can take a short flight, it’s around $25 and even lower. If you know how to search cheap ticket not in season peak, you will get one for round trip ticket. For the first time you can do review one per month. If you not unsure where to start, I will tell you how to be a true trip report and airlines review on YouTube based what I see and what I learn what they always do when review the airlines and report every trip.

1. Prepare The Flight Plan

If you going on a trip in short flight or long haul flight, you must prepare what you need to record. Let’s not talking about the gear for recording first, let’s talk about where you should do a record first. You can choose to record from where are you now, in your home or hotel, when taking a bus or train to approach the airport, you can record a videos deep inside the airport, you can record a videos when check in, until you get your seat in airplane, and you can record whatever you want.

So with that you not confuse where is the best place to start record a videos, and you can show to the people the point, not to wasting their time if you just walking around the airport without knowing where you go next.

2. You Need A Good Camera

If you going on a trip with airplane and want to show your story to the people, of course you need the good quality of camera with wide angle lens. It doesn’t matter what camera you have, whether it’s your smartphone, pocket camera, DSLR, Mirrorless or action camera. You can start with your own smartphone, but the quality maybe not as you expect. You can buy action camera like GoPro, Xiaomi YI, Eken or SJCAM for ultra wide angle view.

3. Video Quality

In this case for best video quality and people can see clearly, you can set to the highest resolution what your camera have. In this era, 1080p is still the standard video and smartphone can approach this quality, or you can set to 4K video, and smartphone today can record 4K. If you not have fast computer, don’t go with 4K.

4. Speak or not to Speak

Like already told you before, some people doesn’t like you to speak when record a videos, and some people need you to speak what are you doing. But, I suggest to you not to speak when record videos, but tell the people where are you now and what are you doing, write in the videos like subtitle, not much just the point.

How To Be A True Trip Report and Airlines Review on YouTube

Simply Aviation channel on YouTube almost all videos is not speak, just put the info below the video.

5. Start to Earn Money

If you regularly post a good quality videos, you will start raise a new subscribers day by day. Do not forget sometimes airplanes need you to review their service or their new airplanes, you can enjoy the show and you can start earn money too by serving ads.

So, what you waiting for? You already now how to be a true trip report and airlines review on YouTube. Just do it!