How To Build A Cheap Dry Box Under $30 For Your Camera

This tutorial will show you how to build a cheap Dry Box under $30 for your camera and don’t want to afford the expensive Dry Box and choose to DIY. If you have a brand new camera, even that is your first camera ever or you have a ton of collection camera and lenses, you should take care all equipment that you have. You should be aware that fungus, humidity, and other complication will harm your own camera and lenses.

Fungus can attack anytime in your camera, fungus will attack the sensor, and if on the lens, fungus will attack the precious optics, front or back, even on the inside.

Fungus is exist because the room humidity, and where you store your camera when not using it. The best place to keep your camera, lenses and other equipment is in Dry Box. The function of the Dry Box is to keep as low as humidity under 25%.

Inside the Dry Box should contain 2 thing, one is Silica Gel and two is Hygrometer. The function of Silica Gel is to suck all humidity that still remain in room, and the function of Hygrometer is to measure the humidity and also  the temperature.

Dry Box is not cheap, the cheap price one about $25, but it will not fit all your camera and lens you have. But the expensive one is about $100, it will fit 2 camera or 2 lens, that’s so expensive.

Why you build DIY (Do It Yourself) make a cheap dry box under $30? I will show you how to do that. Currently I have 2 Dry Box, one Dry Box for my primary camera and lenses, and the second one for equipment such as flash, remote control, battery, filter and so on. I build for two Dry Box only $50, and I don’t have a problem for 3 years, no any fungus can harm my equipment.

Dry Box for Camera Equipment

Dry Box for Camera Equipment

Dry Box for Main Camera

Dry Box for Main Camera

How To Build A Cheap Dry Box Under $30 For Your Camera

A. Prepare The Stuff

1. You must provide one container with 20 Liter capacity with white rubber seal on the cover. This container is enough for 2 DSLR camera and 3 lenses, or if you in Mirrorless that would be good enough. The price would be $15.


2. Buy a cheap Hygrometer to measure the humidity, it cost $5.

how to build a cheap dry box

3. Buy the big silica gel about 450 mL like mine below that can be refillable. It costs $6. Or you can buy 3 bags of Silica Gel or you can buy Silica Gel with electric.


4. And the last one you should buy is Bubble Wrap for the base of the container. The cost about $4.

B. How To Prepare It
  1. Take the Bubble Wrap first, and place it on the base of container.dry-box-bubble-wrap
  2. Put the Hygrometer and Silica Gel together inside of the container, and close the container. We will wait the Hygrometer show the exact number of the humidity about %35 – %45.dry-box-camera-2
  3. If the Hygrometer show the exact number between the number above, now open the container and put all the camera and lenses into the container, and close it.
  4. Now you have a cheap Dry Box but very effective rather than buying the expensive one.
C. Other Useful Tips
  1. Change the Silica Gel after 30 days to make sure the Silica Gel is perform perfectly to suck all the humidity.
  2. After you use your camera, please clean it first before store it inside the Dry Box.
  3. Don’t wait too long to keep your camera and lenses in the bag, you should store it in Dry Box as soon as possible.

If you found how to build a cheap Dry Box under $30 for your camera is helpful, you can share it or if you have any question, please drop in the comment below.