Why Directing A Camera to a Laser Beam Will Kill Your Camera Instantly

If you think to try to directing your camera to a laser beam is same like directing to the sunlight, and it would be fine? Of course not, that’s why directing a camera to a laser beam will kill your camera instantly. I say don’t try to directing your camera to any laser beam near you. Laser beam can easily be find in large concert with many lighting including laser beam, so the laser beam not only directed to one side, but laser beam directed to anywhere, even to your face. And make no mistake that your eyes could be damage too.

You attend a big concert event in your city or local party, so you have a plan to record a videos and later you can watch the event again. When you attend the concert you see so many light event laser beam directing to anywhere without stop. When you began a record, you not realize that the laser beam always hit to your face and hit to your camera trough the lens and hit the sensor. What happen next you will see an unexpected error in your display, such as discoloration on the videos, a horizontal line and vertical line appear multiple time, but record mode is still running. This not only happen one time, the laser beam could hit the sensor multiple time. Potentially could be more dead pixel area.

Why this can be happen? I found the short explanation directed a camera to a laser beam is damaging your camera quickly. In general camera sensor is more susceptible to damage than the human eye. The victim of course the camera sensor, camera sensor received many light, when the laser beam reach your sensor, the story is different, the laser beam will kill your sensor instantly.

Before the explanation take a look videos below:

Lasers are a special case as they can be very well collimated (i.e. all the energy lands at a point focus). Lasers emit concentrated beams of light, which can heat up in sensitive surfaces (like the eye’s retina and camera sensor) and it will be damage the surface for a long time. Laser beam is strong, thin, monochromatic, directional ray of electromagnetic. Laser beam is very different and danger rather than other light source that our eyes can accept the light.

Why Directing A Camera to a Laser Beam Will Kill Your Camera Instantly

This is example laser beam cause damage to camera sensor.

A laser beam not only damage a big camera such as DSLR, but other camera has a sensor will damage by the laser beam too, your smartphone, pocket camera, mirrorrless and many more.

What is the solution?

Use a Neutral Density filter. This solution is not guarantee will work because still cannot find a special ND filter will block a light from laser beam. Use very dark Neutral Density such as ND1000 or ND800, it’s not cheap but it will protect your sensor from laser beam. ND filter which can reduce the total amount of light coming in, usually use for taking a picture in really bright condition and potentially could damage the sensor, such as sunlight and laser beam.


If you still want to record a videos when laser beam is exist, try to not standing in front of the laser, you can possibly choose other spot to avoid laser beam enter your camera. There’s no guarantee is would be safe.